Monday, March 7, 2011

I cried because I had no shoes, then I met a man who had no feet.

Its funny how actually opening your eyes to the world around you makes you realize how blessed you really are.

So there I walking around Petsmart lost in my own little curse the dogs world thinking to myself how the hell I was going to get the stains out from the carpet when I came upon a man in the check out line pushing a buggie with a new baby bundled up inside. It was clear the he was in the military, once you've been with a military man you can spot them like Manolo Blahnik in a sea of Payless or for you fashion challenged, a windows in a sea of macs, ew..anyways back to what I was saying. They have a certain "swagga" to them with a touch of cocky thrown in. Out of no where Landon says "What happen to his feets?" What happened to be going on with his 'feets' was that he was a double amputee. In addition to the obvious prosthesis because he was wearing shorts, they were wrapped ACU pattern. Those words of course caused me to immediately blush followed by a quick "I'm not sure baby." He walked away before I was able to say a word to him. I promptly checked out and walked my purchases to the trunk of my car and got the boys and myself in. What do you say to that innocent of a question. It wasn't hateful or judgmental, it was because he had never seen anything like that before but at the same time it was a rude comment. Now here comes the hard task. To tactfully explain to him that there is a time and place for those sort of questions and more importantly trying to explain to him that more then likely it was a horrible accident and furthermore that it might have happened during his duty. Maybe it is because Bry is due home in a day or two from Iraq or because I just finished with the parade of roses but it was too much for me to handle. I completely fell apart. The thought of that could easily happen to our family was just to much to handle. When we got home me and him sat out and I explained to him why his legs were like that and got on the internet to show him more pictures of prosthesis'. I told Landon that he lost his legs because he was strong enough to live without and that there is nothing that he should be scared about.