Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holy FUCKING shit on a stick.

Okay so Halloween started out slow and lame and then it turned out to be pretty tight. Kaden was an awesome Zombie, Landon was a cute and cuddly lion. Cuteness! We went over to my mutha's hizouse for like a little "party" mainly for the boys. Then we went to the YMCA. wow was that a fucking adventure. They had a couple of lame art projects and even lamer "face painter" I use that word warily because the fact that the brood didn't even know how to draw on a lion nose on Landon, a few brown scribbles on his nose and she was done. WTF? Is it that hard to fucking drawn an upside down triangle? Hmm. Then we witnessed an obese Wonder woman with a camel toe I didn't even know could exist. Walked just a bit more then saw a cowgirl with shorts as short as the Dallas Cowgirls thigh high lag chaps, and a halter crop top on, cute right? Hell no the LITTLE girl was no older then 7. Her daddy happily parading his daughter around. ???

Anyways we left there ate pizza and then went trick-o-treating for like an hour. God yummy candy and went home. It could have been better but it could have been a lot worst.

So... Harding calls bitching about this and that. telling me that it must be nice to fucking have a boyfriend to pay for my rent and fucking child support to live a kings lifestyle. I finally had it with him. Told him that we weren't living this extravagant lifestyle. Fuck. I'm barely getting by. My bills get paid I barely get grocery's and then the moneys gone. FYI its not like I have a million different bills for the ridiculous things. I have rent, utilities and a fucking phone bill. Wow, yeah the fucking lifestyle I live.

Besides that though, him saying HE HAS ALWAYS TAKING CARE OF HIS "BOYS". Mother fucker don't make me laugh. 'Raldi was the one making sure that the boys have always had what they needed. Made sure there was fucking food on the table when Harding was pulling the well I've give you $50 here, 75 there. Fuck you. All these people are trying to get into this just so they can have there say. What does it matter? He has been a dirt bag and will always be one. He wants to fucking pay for only Landon and have access to Kaden, doesn't want to try to get a paternity test or to pay for him. Thats not how it works.

Oh yeah and now the arrogant bastard says that he never denied Kaden was his nor that he said that he didn't want to pay for something that he didn't want. Fucking liar. Just leave me be. If Kaden means that much to you get the paternity test. Doubt he will.

Heres to the douche bag extraordinair.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Saints Day?

Okay so holy shit I have been waiting for this epicness to come out ever since I saw the original Boondock Saints. Twas love at first sight. I had been hearing about a possible second one to come but everyone I had talked to about it had said that everybody had been saying that a squeal was gonna come out since the first one hit theaters and not to get my hopes up. Well today I was a'browsing muh Myspace and one of my friends posted a bulletin asking if anyone knew where it would be playing this weekend. Of course googling had to be done and I found the Sony website actually had a page for it, trailer and all. Says that its due out Oct 30th. One effing glitch. The theater schedule list has no Colorado theaters playing it. Okay so one of two things that i am hoping for; Either its like Paranormal Activity and I just have to vote and WAIT for it to come to my city, or that they are just slowing opening it across the country.  Please let one be true! I do not want to have to wait to see it on DVD! My TV is small and shitty for one and I firmly believe that something of this caliper of awesomeness must be witnessed at the cinema. The deafening bangs must be theater loud not crappy TV loud! Please come to Colorado!