Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Truth time.

i dont want my daughter to look anything like me because im not pretty. i've never be considered beautiful by any means. pretty average looking. Ive more gotten attention for having a large chest and for being kinda loud and out going. in fact it has been pointed out to me thats the reason male attention is directed my way because of having larger breast. im okay with that. since finding out this is going to be a girl its been on my mind. i want her, just like kade and landon to always be confident. since being here in alabama kade has come home feeling less then because hes not black or white, that hes mexican. I dont want him to be ashamed of who he is but i know where hes coming from. Ive always wished my skin tone was lighter. i feel like ive failed him because ive pasted on part of me that i cant change and that i dont like about myslef. i think hes beautiful and i was greatful that he is lighter then me, i guess not enough though for him to not feel the same way that ive felt. i dont really know what else to say. I guess i'll sleep on it. guidance?