Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Saints Day?

Okay so holy shit I have been waiting for this epicness to come out ever since I saw the original Boondock Saints. Twas love at first sight. I had been hearing about a possible second one to come but everyone I had talked to about it had said that everybody had been saying that a squeal was gonna come out since the first one hit theaters and not to get my hopes up. Well today I was a'browsing muh Myspace and one of my friends posted a bulletin asking if anyone knew where it would be playing this weekend. Of course googling had to be done and I found the Sony website actually had a page for it, trailer and all. Says that its due out Oct 30th. One effing glitch. The theater schedule list has no Colorado theaters playing it. Okay so one of two things that i am hoping for; Either its like Paranormal Activity and I just have to vote and WAIT for it to come to my city, or that they are just slowing opening it across the country.  Please let one be true! I do not want to have to wait to see it on DVD! My TV is small and shitty for one and I firmly believe that something of this caliper of awesomeness must be witnessed at the cinema. The deafening bangs must be theater loud not crappy TV loud! Please come to Colorado!

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