Monday, November 16, 2009

My god my legs hurt...

It was soo wow, but now ow!

So I have come to a new conclusion this morning that to believe in God you almost have to believe that in the end, this being, deities, holy entity, what have you, is evil. I understand that you can't have good without evil. But anyways let me explain. My really good friend Manda has been telling me about her best friend from back homes sister. The poor girl had H1N1 whilst pregnant and that has completely ruined her world not to mention her families. They had to removed the baby really early, to remove the baby they had to put the girl into a self induced coma, that was in the middle of Sept, she has just come out of the coma like maybe a week ago. Oh but it gets worst. Now that shes awake the doctors are telling the family pretty much that shes brain dead, she cant talk and at this point shaking her head yes and no are the biggest accomplishments ever. She keeps getting pneumonia, her hearts starting to fail, her body isn't strong enough to fight all of this. The father, that girls husband, the one that is cheating on her while all this is going on decided to be a dick and names Jenn's new baby, thats her name by the way, his girlfriends name. Not the name that they had been talking about forever of naming the baby. Seriously? Lets name your child that you have with one woman, your affairs middle name. And on top of the he has her 3 other girls Living with him and his girlfriend and this bitch has the skewed notion in her crazy delusional head that these girls as well as this new baby are her children. But anyways back to what i was saying, this family, on Jenn's side, have had there whole life ripped away, they have lost their daughter, 4 grandchildren and now has to deal with knowing that those children aren't going to be raised right nor have the love that they need. Oh and to put the cherry on top they have a massive amount of medical bills. Why would a being with such unlimited power fuck these people over so bad?

Okay well I'm losing my want to write.


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