Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alo neglected blog.

I haven't actually posted on here forever, not to say that I was ever a avid blog poster to began with. Because it is still in the infant stages of the year 2011, here is my very belated resolution. TO POST MORE. Not because I have anything particularly interesting to put out, or because I have a a gaggle of readers that I have thus far abandon but, because, gosh darn it, I enjoy hearing myself talk sometimes. It feels nice to share even if no one is really listening. So here it goes.

Today is my Gotcha day. So what is that? Its something that I am pretty sure my mum invented. It has to be my favorite holiday. It was the day I was adopted. Well, more like the day she came to Mexico and retrieved me. Our celebrations consist of going out to eat/getting take out, a small gift, then usually cuppy cakes! To me, this day is coupled with a sense of superiority. I mean come on, its an exclusive holiday that us "children of the heart instead of the womb" get to party to. Nothing makes your feel more important then having an appreciation day. So basically kinda like a birthday but way more awesome! I remember growing up that I used to brag to my friends about February 6th. Of course they all pretty much thought I/this day was lame but I chopped up to jealously. Most children are surprises, I was carefully thought out and "invested in." Even now it has become a joke to laugh at the boys since they don't have a Gotcha day. (So ha haha ha ha boys YOU'RE  MISSING OUT!) Perhaps someday I will be able to share a Gotcha day with one of my children? Only time will tell, but for now it is my special day. =]

Okay time for a random thought: I swear even my dogs can back talk in their own special doggy sort of way. I yelled "down" to them just a moment ago because the pampered pet that they are, like being on couches and beds. So what do they do? They lay down!

Well goodbye lovelies, off I shall go to enjoy my night. 

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