Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby is the new it item.

I love how the teenagers are cam-whoring it up with their bellies protruding.
Almost makes me think it was better when they were ostracized for getting pregnant as a teenager, instead of now when they're practically praised. You have Bristal Palin, The 16 and Pregnant girls, its been celebritized. Its unreal. I know I WAS A TEEN MOM, I was 17 when I had Kade, but damn when people started finding out I was so embarrassed of what people would think of me and what they would say. Not these girls, they are proud at being knocked up at eleventeen. Being able to dress that belly cutesy and to have that perfect baby bumps are first priority. 

 Then their delusions continue with the importance of making sure the baby has designer clothes and a cute pink Coach diaper bag. And on who's dime? Their high school part time job isn't going to able to afford that. What about the boyfriend AKA baby daddy. Mommy, Daddy??? Er wait is it Grandma, Grandpa??? 
This is going to sound so snotty of me but I have stopped going to the south mall (its more of the "teenage mall") because all the ghetto fabulous bellies parading around with their friends pushing around their little sometimes pride and joys. 
Crazier then witnessing the multiple herds of  baby parades is that they try to look cute and sexy while pushing these strollers and rocking their bumps. Like "Hey fellow male mall rats, take a look at this prime real estate." Miraculously the baby daddy's are no where to be found. You have 4-7 girls all in the same boat and at least 6 of these groups. What does the future hold for theses I mean babies?

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