Friday, May 20, 2011

This just in.

Brian, dear Brian, just informed me that he has tried the pets treats "to make sure they are good." This is what I am married too... Yep. Shockingly, I'm not really that surprised.

So here's whats new with us. We're starting the moving proses. Sigh, yes this again. Oh how I enjoy tearing down and shifting everything. My house my be a freaking mess but damn it, I know where everything is in my cluttered chaos. We have 10 days to pull this off. We need to get out of the apartment on the first. Oh here's the best part. The "Army" is moving all of our big things but since we had false information we get to move everything to my mom's home then they are going to come to her house to repack everything that I am already packing. Happy happy joy joy.

Side note. It warms my heart that we can be there for people, helping them out when they need it but as soon as we ask for help we get a sure man and not even a day later BLAM, uh sorry I have other shit going on. How precious are they.

I'm hoping that this time we stick to one home for more then a year. Wait. Do I? This means actually living in GA when I really don't even have any desire to visit there. trying to think of positives. Ummm ummm ummm ummm ummm. I hear there are a few really gorgeous places out in the country. Florida and the shore aren't too far away. Yeah that's all I got. Mmkay well I feel better. Until next time.

Oh oh oh. We got to see baby last Monday! Everything is going and growing as it should. Saw a little heart beats. It was really touching to see Bry get so excited over just a little spot on a computer screen. Never got to experience excitement from the male said of the equation.

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